Most companies seem to fall into these three categories in regards to software development:


Who cares!

It's quite common for developers to be late (often very late) on deadlines.

Understand requirements?

Doesn't matter!

Very common software doesn't do what the business expected - especially in the first version.

Finding good developers?

Not possible!

Good developers seems to be very difficult to find, hire and retain.

We have found a new way to do software development

Benefits of using Jarboo

As we are trying to be the perfect mix between Employees, Consultants and Outsourcing, we have the following three key benefits described below. In addition, we also try to challenge your requirements and needs, to make sure you get critical feedback on projects and tasks.


We’re imminently scalable and reliable. In addition, you pay for only the time it takes to complete a task or project - no matter if it is 2 hours or 500 hours.

Time to market

As everyone you communicate with has both a business and technical understanding, time to market is greatly reduced.


We are cheaper than using employees, costing around 75% of using in-house developers and a fraction of using in-house consultants.

How does the Jarboo workflow work?

After starting a project, you get access to the Jarboo Workspace. The project manager will assemble the team you need, depending on technology, project size and requirements. The team is updated as we go along, depending on your needs.

In the Jarboo Workspace you can communicate with a project manager, create tasks and see the status of existing tasks. If you need something done? Create a project or task, and we will get to it.

Project manager makes sure everything is clear

Some tasks are so simple that we just provide an estimate right away. Some tasks are actually big projects, and might require phone calls.

The project manager will make sure everything is clear and estimated before starting.

Correct person for each task

Some tasks are simple and can be handled by junior developers. Some tasks are complex and require an experienced architect.

We make sure the best person for each task handles it to optimize speed and price.

We remember there are more than coding

Doing the actual programming is not everything there is to software development. In all tasks, we remember to both think and perform testing, code reviews and asking the customer about any open questions. We have five development phases, which are covered below.

The five Jarboo development phases

We start when an estimate for a task has been accepted. On all tasks, there are five development phases which are covered below.

For complex tasks, there are often 3-5 different people in this process (or more, if it's a bigger project). For simpler tasks it would often be 2 people, to make sure things go smoothly and quickly.

1. Project management

The project manager is responsible for clearing all details about a given task. This is done by breaking down the task into subtasks and understanding the full flow and scope. Often mockups are used in this stage.

For most tasks, the project manager makes a simple test matrix that describes how the test will be conducted when it's done.

2. Architecture

The architect will break the task into programmable subtasks of maximum 5 hours, and specify exactly how the task should be implemented.

The architect's role is to consider and make sure the implementation makes sense according to the overall picture.

3. Development

The developer will make sure things get coded correctly. He will implement as per the architecture descriptions.

The preferred way of working is by having pull requests, meaning the code will be reviewed by someone else than the developer himself, to make sure code quality is at a high standard.

4. Code review

The code reviewer verifies two things. First that the developer did the implementation correctly as the architect described, and second that the code in general has a high quality.

5. Test

The tester verifies two things. First, that the test the project manager originally described works and makes sense, and second, that the solution in general makes sense.

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