Is RichRelevance a good recommendation engine / system?

Yes. Very good.

If you just want the quick version, just trust the “yes”. If you want a longer version of why we believe RichRelevance is a good recommendation system, read more below. If you want to hear our experiences in detail, please contact us.

As an outsourcing company which have multiple e-commerce customers, we get asked about recommendations a lot. We’ve played around with multiple recommendation systems, and to be honest, not all work very good. In addition, some are much more difficult to implement and maintain than others.

However, we’ve implemented RichRelevance for one customers, and the results has been crazy. The recommendations are really good, both on site and in newsletters. We’re not allowed to mention and specific numbers, but it has been a really good business case.

Review of RichRelevance recommendations

When this particular customer wanted to implement RichRelevance, we heard people from Scandinavia using the system. The answer was really clear: RichRelevance is a crazy good system.

Some of the reasons:

  • The dashboard has very good reporting
  • Marketing can modify A LOT of information directly in the dashboard
  • The recommendations are just very good
  • So many different strategies that work really well

So in general: we’ve been impressed with the results.

Is RichRelevance easy to implement?

It’s NEVER easy to implement a recommendation system. This is also why we always encourage customers to contact experts like us, as we know how to do it.

However, compared to other recommendation systems, RichRelevance is very easy.

RichRelevance relies on a frontend implementation, based on JavaScript. That makes it very easy to do, makes it very easy to test for the RichRelevance employees to verify the implementation and easy to correct mistakes.

That also makes it very easy for the marketing department to modify/add banners, which is really great.

How to implement or I want to hear more

We’ve made a guide on how to implement RichRelevance, and if you want to hear more about our experiences: just contact us directly.