Bonus and 13th salary when having employees in Vietnam

I have been so happy with my first employee from Vietnam.

He started out performing very well, and years after, he still performed very well. Great guy, and I have been raising his salary every year because he’s simply worth it.

But I learned something very important the first year having him as an employee.

Now, you have to understand I come from Denmark. Denmark is a Western country. In Denmark you get salary every month (same amount), and that’s that. I never heard about anything else. Even my friends in Europe did the same. Even the concept of bonuses is not that popular in Europe.

In the end of december, my employee wrote:

Hi Lars,
I will still work in xmas and new year 🙂
just a question, Have I got rewards or bonus end of year? 🙂

And I was like:


So this continued:

In Viet Nam, when end the year, employee can receive a rewards or bonus outside raise the salary
have I got it? but it’s up to you

Normally, It’s call 13th salary, but It base on number of months which employee works
it has formular: (salary * 12) / (month workings in year)
It’s not in law, but It is expected each employees Viet Nam in end the year :d
And It also belong to company profit in that year

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And I started to realize: I was the idiot.

I did some research, and it turned out: this is totally normal and expected in Vietnam.

Remember the 13th salary and bonus in salaries for employees in Vietnam

There is no way around it.

When you hire people around the world, you have to respect their background and culture.

For them, it’s considered normal and expected.

For me, it was an expense that wasn’t planned in my first year of business.

Since then I have really started getting a respect for culture differences. This is a huge deal around the globe. Having people in different countries is very interesting, but you learn so much about the different expectations.

So since then I’ve learned:

When having an employee in Vietnam, yes, it’s normal and expected you pay “the 13th salary”. Simply pay the normal salary extra in December, and the employee will be super happy. Make that calculation in your projections and budget and everything is fine.


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