How to send different freebies on Mailchimp but subscribing on same list

I love Mailchimp. I’ve used it for years, back when the main question was: Should I use Mailchimp or Aweber?

While I also loved Aweber back in the day, the question has become quite clear in the last few years:
Mailchimp is the winner.

Mailchimp is quite advanced, and in this post we will look into a specific problem we actually had when we launched Jarboo.

On Jarboo we have multiple freebies. We have a great ebook and many different cases the user can download. However, we only have one list.  While online marketing is important to us, it simply doesn’t make sense to send multiple newsletters (at least for now).

But how on earth do you do that?

The way we send freebies is using automations. A Mailchimp automation is simply something that you can trigger when a user signs up to a list.

But then there is a challenge: how do you solve it if you have multiple freebies and you want them on the same list?

Well, we asked Mailchimp, and their answer did not disappoint:

Hi Lars,

Thanks for getting in touch! I can totally understand the need to have subscribers signup for a single list (so they can be sent the same newsletter) but receive a different “freebie” for their signup.

One way this can be accomplished is by setting up your signup form to place folks into a specific segment based on where they signed up for your list. So, if they signup in one location you can have an embedded form that places them in a segment for your free ebook, if they sign up in a different location on your website (or somewhere else) they can receive a different download, for example.

The “freebie” that they’re sent can then be sent to them via an automation. Each automation can be set to trigger based on being added to your list. Then, the automation can be further segmented to send based on the signup location.

This can be done by using a hidden field on your list’s embedded form, and depending on where the form is placed, the hidden field can be set to automatically send the form’s location to your MailChimp list (which you can name anything that makes sense to you). This article from our knowledgebase goes into a bit more detail on how you can set up your form and edit the embedded form code in order to Determine Webpage Signup Location:

Additionally, you may want to check out this article from our knowledgebase which goes into more detail on how to Create an Automation Workflow: In this case the Welcome Message workflow would probably be best.

Here are a couple of resources that may come in handy for sending out to the appropriate segments of subscribers as well (this will be set up in the Trigger step of the Automation Builder). The first gives an overview on Getting Started with Segments:, it includes a section on how to Create a Simple Segment From the Campaign Builder (which is similar to the steps to creating a segment in the Automation Builder.

This second link shows All the Segmenting Options:, which are available (you might find this useful for building other segments later on, as well). But for these automations you’ll want to build a segment based on the Subscriber Profile Data, Signup Source. Then you’ll select the source that you add to your embedded form’s code.

This should get things headed in the right direction. But, please don’t hesitate to reach back out with any further questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help out however possible!

Da fuck.

Seldom have I seen a better answer.

But I still had some concerns regarding the segmentation, so I decided to ask Mailchimp again:

First of all, GREAT answer. I am set to spec it to a developer.
The only question I have, is in regards to the actual segmentation. So lets say I add a “Signup Form Location”, and the data is there. I am unsure how I do the segmentation?
If I look in the list, I don’t see an option for custom variables.
Could you enlighten how do the segmentation on the actual fields?
To which they had this response:

Hey Lars,

Thanks for writing back to us here in Support! That’s a great question, and I’m happy to go into segmenting options in greater detail.

When an embedded form is set up with a hidden field in the way Lindstrom described, it’s possible to segment for information based off of the field itself. The best possibility to use would be to use the (Merge field Name) > is > (Choice Name) criteria. Here’s what that could look like:

Essentially, when subscribers are added to different embedded forms, there would be a hidden field with a word submitted with each subscriber’s information. What we’d be segmenting for in this case is the information in that hidden field. In case it’s needed again, here’s a great guide on how to Determine Webpage Signup Location:

If you have any additional questions, or if you would like some more clarification feel free to reach back out to us here in support. We’re always happy to lend a hand!

So the solution was actually really simple.

In my sign-up form on the website, I simply added a new custom field (same as I added on my list inside Mailchimp).

Then I put in a unique value for my sign-up forms around the website, and then I could just put a segmentation requirement on my automations:


And that just worked.

Simple and easy!


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