Enhanced e-commerce consulting service and help

When you understand customers, you can act accordingly. When you don’t, you have to guess.

This is why you need to take Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce seriously.

Before, E-commerce tracking told us conversion rates, order values and even product values! We could even see a funnel and visualize conversions and failed conversions. For years Google Analytics e-commerce tracking has served us gallantly, but now it’s time to make an upgrade.

With enhanced e-commerce, you can do so much more:

  • Register impressions (and clicks) on product level, so you know conversion rates on each product
  • Register impressions (and clicks) on recommendations and banners, so you know which banners convert
  • Get info about removing and adding items in the cart
  • Register coupons
  • Import refunds, so you get the numbers after product returns
  • Import cost prices, so you can see profit and not only revenue

The key difference is that enhanced e-commerce is much more dynamic. You can use it the way you want.

… but implementing enhanced e-commerce is technically difficult!

While implementing normal e-commerce tracking is relatively simple, enhanced e-commerce is absolutely not.

The reason is that it is a much more complex tool, which needs more data in a structured way. Not only does it need a lot of data in the data layer, it also needs quite a lot of configuration in Google Tag Manager (preferred implementation method). And then there are the importers (i.e. refunds, coupons).

It requires experience. It’s absolutely not uncommon for us to see customers who have tried to implement it themselves, and failed in the process.

Which leads to our recommendation: Speak to a professional first

The problem with playing around with the enhanced e-commerce implementation is that you risk breaking your old data.

A customer of mine (a big company in the North European region) implemented Enhanced E-commerce on their own. They somehow managed to fire purchases twice, change the currency and get a huge amount of banner views. Their historical data was useless from where they did the “implementation”, until we fixed it.

Let’s talk enhanced e-commerce

We have implemented enhanced e-commerce before, and can do it again. Let’s talk, and make sure you get all the data you need to understand your customer!

Contact us using the forms below, write an e-mail to info@jarboo.com or add me on my personal Skype (LarsHoldgaard).