IT help in the marketing department

IT and software development are becoming more and more important for all types of marketing departments. Social media widgets, UX on websites, tracking of customers, integrations to third parties – it all comes down to some kind of IT, and it’s only growing with time.

Today, marketing departments need access to developers. Here are some examples of situations my developers and I have dealt with in the last month:

  • Help with understanding and installing scripts on the website
  • Setting up external jobs, such as sending data to third parties
  • Maintaining or creating internal tools
  • Doing on-site search engine optimization

Unfortunately, software and IT are not strong skills found in these departments. In addition to that, dealing with developers in marketing departments has two big issues:

Developers typically have different skill sets than what you really need. A “marketing developer” needs to understand SEO, SEM, Google Tag Manager, Analytics, scripts, UX, conversion rate optimization and so much more. Meanwhile, a typical developer talks in code.

Getting access to the developers. Developers are usually hired in the IT department, making it difficult to get access to them. If they’re hired directly in the marketing department, a leadership problem usually arises – how do you train the employee? How should you communicate?

Well, we’ve solved this problem at a very fair price. 

I have both academic and real-life experience in computer science and marketing. In 2014, I started helping marketing departments, and have since then built a team around this skill. We are a remote team that finds solutions for any technical marketing challenge. Whether you need a new tool, have an idea for a social widget or need changes implemented on your website – we’re just an email away.

I am the project leader, and I have a really great team. Our prices are:

  • 35 USD per hour for developers
  • 80 USD per hour for project leader hours

We have no minimum project size, and can start right away. We usually begin with a Skype meeting, where we discuss details and expectations.

Examples of work we’ve done:

  • Implemented Enhanced E-commerce and Universal Analytics (upgrade to Google Analytics)
  • Made an internal tool to manage newsletters and dynamic content
  • Implemented a new recommendation engine on a web shop

No matter what:

You can always contact us at or on my personal Skype (LarsHoldgaard). Our company is based in Denmark, but my team and I work in different regions together.