Convert legacy code into new code (service)

Convert legacy code into new code (service)

I’m confident that I can free up a lot of your team’s time by rewriting existing legacy code into new technologies, such as ASP.NET MVC or REST APIs.

I have worked in the IT industry my entire career, and one thing every place has in common is plenty of legacy code. My personal experience is that legacy code is always a problem, but lack of urgency means it seldom gets fixed.

I’ve also seen that legacy code always sticks up its ugly nose, and here’s how:

  • Legacy code sometimes contains bugs, and no one knows how to fix them (or wants to fix old code)
  • Legacy code makes it difficult to upgrade to new technologies and implement new features
  • Legacy code makes it extremely difficult to modify database tables
  • Legacy code can also be legacy systems (such as an old admin system), which is nearly impossible to maintain
  • Developers hate maintaining it

We can probably agree legacy code is really annoying, but we can also agree that fixing legacy code is not your team’s first priority for obvious reasons.

We can get rid of your legacy code for a very fair price.

We’re experts in converting legacy code into new technologies, and making sure we don’t kill functionality in the process – both actual functionality as well as maintaining scripts and SEO.

Since 2014, we have been helping companies by getting rid of legacy code.

I am the project leader, and I have a really great team. Our prices are:

  • 35 USD per hour for developers
  • 80 USD per hour for project leaders

We have no minimum project size, and can start right away. We usually begin with a Skype meeting, where we discuss details and expectations.

Examples of work we’ve done:

Our current customers range from some small companies to two of the biggest websites in Denmark ( and We have:

  • Converted a big ASP library into an ASP.NET MVC application
  • Converted ASP.NET Web Forms (.aspx pages) into MVC views
  • Converted an old backend full of “God objects” into a REST based API
  • Developed new admin systems replacing ASP / ASP.NET Web forms projects
  • Converted a registration process with 8(!) Post backs into a single page application
  • Migrated a project from SVN to Git (Github)

No matter what:

You can always contact us at or on my personal Skype (LarsHoldgaard). Our company is based in Denmark, but my team and I work in different regions together.